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Repair Set - Hard Wax PLUS - wood shades

613 343

The set for the repair of floors and stairs. Ideal also for on-site use. To fill scratches, holes, joints, damaged edges and corners, chips, dents on parquet, stairs and in the kitchen area. Suitable for both décor (laminate) and wood surfaces (parquet). The set contains all accessories needed for processing as well as two clear lacquer pens to seal the repaired area. As filling material, Hard Wax PLUS comes with the set, in popular wood shades and in the four primary colours red, blue, green and yellow. With these colours, wood shades can be changed and adjusted.

The set includes:
16x Hard Wax PLUS 8 cm (wood shades), 4x Hard Wax PLUS 4 cm (basic shades), 1x Hard Wax PLUS 8cm (transparent), 1x Hard Wax 8 cm (transparent).

Please order gas separately (art.no. 439 018).

Instandsetzung mit Hartwachs PLUS