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Below you will find all products listed by our categories: fillers, touch-up materials, aerosols, cleaning and care products and auxiliaries. Also a good overview you will have in our current catalog as a PDF for download.


Our touch-up materials excel especially in: very short drying periods, wipe and water resistance, high opacity and good bonding, colours are intermixable, tailored to the König fillers and overcoatable with Sprüh-König® lacquers. The Materials are weather resistant and lightfast and spare tips available for all pens. By the way: In accordance with the Decopaint regulation ChemVOCFarbV, our pens and tinctures are marked 2004/42/EC IIB8(e) VOCmax840g/l, VOC635g/l. Whereas the last value always stands for the value of the relevant product, e.g. in this case it refers to the Brush Pen Covering Lacquer. In the catalogue, we have mentioned the VOC values of the standard version. For more information on the ChemVOCFarbV, please contact us.

A fibre pen to replicate fine grain work on wood and décor surfaces in interior areas … » more

To colour abrasions and to replicate a missing grain pattern on wood surfaces … » more

For the glazing touch-up by brush of fine grain patterns. To refill the Felt Touch-Up Dye Pen 210 … » more

A premium lacquer pen for the opaque colouring of corners and edges on décor surfaces … » more

A premium lacquer pen with an optimized lacquer quality to colour mitre grooves … » more

For glazing up to opaque touch-up work on wood and decor surfaces … » more

A clear lacquer for spot sealing and gloss sheen adjustment used in interior and exterior areas … » more

A water-based clear lacquer for spot sealing and gloss sheen adjustment in interior and exterior areas … » more

To tone down and to intensify all kinds of König touch-up materials except water-based products … » more

For precise touch-up work and to pre-colour damaged décor surfaces … » more

For the covering touch-up by brush on plain-coloured surfaces of wood, plastic and laminate… » more