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PREMIUM Window Pen


A covering lacquer pen for the colouring of mitre joints. Optimized tip and lacquer quality ensure a continuous lacquer flow. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. All available Renolit, Cova and Hornschuch colours as well as their assignment to the standard foils of the major window profile manufacturers with their individual, partially deviating colour designations - download here. In our standards you can freely choose from 116 Renolit/Cova/Hornschuch colours. A relevant colour list (German) is published - on the right under downloads.


Optimized tip and lacquer quality ensure a continuous flow of lacquer. Dries quickly, wipe-resistant, scratch-proof and overcoatable. Acrylic-based. Weatherproof: ift Rosenheim, for instance, attests our product Premium Window Pen weather resistance according to EN513/ISO4892-2 (test number 12-001800-PR02), which is also requested by RAL GZ 716/1. Beyond this, we, as manufacturers, grant a five year guarantee.

EU 2004/42IIB/e (840): <840g/L VOC

Product Designation: 
243 546 - 164
Premium Window Pen, window colour shades at choice
243 546 - 234
Premium Window Pen, 10 pens, window colour shades at choice

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