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Over 125 years of Heinrich König

In 2017 Heinrich König & Co. KG celebrated its 125th birthday. 125 years - that's a lot of time! A time in which much happened historically and to this day determines the career of the company. If one considers how much has changed in a human life since the change due to industrialization and technological progress alone, the number 125 becomes even more important. If the ox-cart was used for transport in the 19th century, today the use of autonomous transport drones is being tested. At the end of the century before last, the telephone was still in development and telegraphy was still being used, today it is dominating the Internet, e-mail, social platforms communication and networking. Digitization and globalization are the buzzwords of the present.

Of course Heinrich König meets the current requirements and gets ready for the future. In addition to many large and small tasks already completed, further modernization measures are pending, and processes and structures are being successively optimized.

Thanks are due to all employees who have supported the company and successfully brought it forward with their work, personal commitment and loyalty for generations!


The way from the 19th to the 21st century

1892 founded by Arthur and Willy Stern († 1938) in Frankfurt am Main. We owe the naming to the then authorized representative Mr. Heinrich König. At the beginning trading of technical papers and drawing materials, soon replacing the products by production of photo carton and photo albums as well as folders. Goods are already exported abroad.
1920 Carl Niemeyer becomes co-owner († 1978). Sales successes are achieved all over the world, but excessive duty requirements require switching to alternative products. In the 1920s, a takeover of a company for pickling production, the entry into the production of furniture stains, paints and polishes is completed.
1938 the founders Arthur and Willy Stern retire from the company. After the 2nd World War, the former owner Carl Niemeyer and the authorized officer Georg Augustin take over the management of the company again.
1963 Helmut Grieshaber († 1995) becomes co-owner. Beginning of the production of paints, fillers and retouching paints as well as primers. This is followed by further investments in the machinery and the development of new product solutions. The commissioning of an aerosol filling plant for paint and oil spray cans represents a decisive milestone. At the beginning of the 1960s, in addition to transparent color shades, more and more opaque refinishes and fillers were produced in-house, and color shades were also produced by customers according to a template. The product "Rex-Lith" is introduced in 1966 in the color gray.
1967/1969 Joining of Jürgen and Klaus Grieshaber into the company. This is followed by the gradual focus on sales and production of repair products for furniture surfaces.
1971/1974 Jürgen and Klaus Grieshaber become co-owners of the company. In 1977, a training center for the practical application of König products is set up. In the early 1980s, the company experienced a rapid rise through the activities of the training center and thanks to the training manager Peter Seibold.
1983 Various pen systems are developed and the success story of the "Edge Fix" begins this year with its market launch.
1996 Move into the new business and administration building in the industrial park Niederdorfelden. There is the spatial consolidation of the previously distributed to several locations uses. Thomas Grieshaber joins the company, followed a year later by his brother Matthias.
2001 Thomas Grieshaber becomes co-owner, Klaus Grieshaber retires as majority shareholder. In the mid-2000s, three high-quality production and filling systems for fillers and retouching products were commissioned. The "Kanten-Fix" gets its first relaunch, becomes the "Edge-Fix PLUS" and continues the success story.
2012 On the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the Kanten-Fix PLUS, the edgeband models PREMIUM Edge Pen and PREMIUM Window Pen are being used.
2013 Matthias Grieshaber becomes managing co-owner.
2015 Klaus Grieshaber leaves the company completely and enjoys his well-deserved retirement. Karlheinz Noack becomes co-owner of the company in the same year.
2016 Together with the company Krautzberger, Heinrich König develops the "KING" spray gun and introduces this innovative spray technology with paint cartridges at the end of the year. At the same time, the new industrial filler IF-139 is launched on the market.