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Abrasions/Fine Scratches


Clean surface from dirt and any possible lacquer residue.

Products required: 

Stretch a Cotton Cloth tight around your forefinger, dampen with the Felt Touch-Up Dye Pen and dab abrasions. Do not apply Felt Touch-Up Dye Pen directly on abrasions.

Fill scratches by means of transparent Hard Wax and the Hot Knife. Using the Blade of the Electric Heater improves spreading of the wax without creating too high an overfill.

Products required: 

Remove surplus wax with the Special Fillers Applicator. Note: Sharp grooves on the flat surface, round grooves at edges Shiny spots can be reduced either by using Wire Wool or the Sanding Pad, coarse.

Seal filled damage area by misting with Special Repair Lacquer PLUS from a distance of 30-40 cm – do not spray too wet.

Products required: