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Abrasion in PVC Surface


Stretch a sheet of 1800 or 2400 grit Micro Sanding Paper (dependent on the surface) over the Sanding Cork with Felt Pad. During the first sanding process, sand off scratches until they are no longer visible while using plenty of Sanding Liquid.

Then use the next higher grit sizes – 2400 up to 12000. To achieve the best possible result, no grit size must be left out. Sand wet with plenty of Sanding Liquid.

From time to time, wipe area dry with the Special Cloth to check sanding result.

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Final dull spots on the surface resulting from sanding, can be polished out with the Felt Pad and Polishing Paste 'fine'. Use sufficient Polishing Paste. A too dry felt may cause an irregular result.

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